Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well today Joey and Grace and Isabella and I went to Busch Gardens it was a nice afternoon we got there around 11:45. The forecast was for overcast conditions most of the day, but as soon as we got there the sun came out and it got hot quick. The first stop was the aviary to feed the lorikeets. Isabella really liked this a lot. Then we went to lunch after a bout of sunscreen in the eye. She slept through it. but woke up in time for the lions. The clouds came back and threatened a summertime lightning storm so we ran through the Myombe Reserve on our way out. While walking back the the car lightning struck so close it seemed it was in the parking lot with us, the rest of the walk was a sprint. You have never seen two men load up children and strollers so quickly.

Later that evening we celebrated cousin Mary's birthday with a pool party and cake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today was relatively uneventful save a trip to the beach to see Amy at the Bon-Aire Resort Isabella had a great day swimming but since we got there late she tired early and made the mistake of rubbing ketchup in her eye. Lots of tears and snot came next along with offers of help from kind people at the resort. I knew nothing would help but home and sleep so we left.

It has been one week since we made the switch to a toddler bed and she is doing great ... I mention this because today was the first day she just got up and came walking out into the living room without making a sound first. It was very strange for her to just show up like that... wonderful but strange.

This evening we went to my moms house and had another swim there Isabella is doing very well swimming and really loves the water. Any way we had some dinner there and came home and again she went right to bed and stayed there. She is such an amazingly good girl.

I thought i would try to figure out this blogging thing a little more tonight... but i am done now. Next will be how to publish pictures of her.